Living Your Dream Destination Wedding

Beginning with an initial consultation to explore how you envisage your day and what help you might require to accomplish it, we will provide you with a detailed written quotation, entirely tailored to your needs.

Destination Selection:India, Thailand, Dubai, Sri Lanka

We want our clients to feel adored. We don't believe in production line 'white weddings'. We deliberately limit the number of events we plan each year so that we can dedicate more time to you.

We want our clients to enjoy planning their wedding. You should always feel in control of your wedding without your busy life being completely hi-jacked by planning it. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients.

We want our clients to love their wedding. wedding should be a perfect reflection of your style and taste; chock full of personal touches that really mean something to you whilst also factoring in the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.